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Consulting Services

Inspired principals have performed high level and technical consulting since the late ’70s. We have in-depth expertise in various disciplines, including:

Business Innovation

• Design Driven Thinking
• Customer Experience Design
• Platform Architecture

I.T. and Business Strategy

Holistic Planning System (HOPS)
• Business to I.T. Alignment

Enterprise Architecture

  • EA Methods, Frameworks, Techniques and Tools
  • Inspired EA Frameworks, Meta Model and Method
  • TOGAF (8 and 9)
  • Zachman
  • Gartner/Meta
  • Other approaches (DODAF, FEAF, PEAF..)
  • Extensive Business Architecture work

Business Analysis

  • Our own Business Process Architecture and Modeling Approach
  • BPMN
  • Defining Requirements, RFI, RFP, Solution Evaluation

Data, Information and Knowledge Modeling and Management

  • Data Modeling (Entity Relationship, Relational, Object, Conceptual, Domain, Semantic techniques)
  • Implementing Information Management
  • Meta Modeling, Meta Data Modeling and Implementation
  • Structuring knowledge to support knowledge workers

Programme and Project Management

  • MITP
  • Agile Project Management (Our own)

System Delivery

  • Advanced Systems Delivery (Our own)
  • UML (though we don’t agree with some of it.. read more)
  • System Integration
  • RFP/RFI and Requirements Definition/Management

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Especially in the Project/Systems field but also
  • Quality Management using prevention philosophies

Methods Engineering

  • Selecting, adapting, defining, implementing and improving methods for strategy, planning, EA, project and programme management, system delivery, testing etc.

Capability Development

  • Profiling required skills
  • Assessing staff competency and designing enhancement programmes

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